How does the high-density tufted structure used by Tufted flat blanket achieve efficient sound absorption and noise reduction?

Publish Time: 2024-03-18
Tufted flat blanket usually has the following outstanding performance in sound insulation and noise reduction:
High-density tufted structure: Tufted flat blanket adopts high-density tufted structure, which can effectively absorb noise and vibration generated during car driving and reduce noise transmission.
High-quality sound insulation materials: The flat blanket is filled with high-quality sound insulation materials, such as polyurethane foam or rubber materials. These materials have good sound insulation effects and can effectively prevent the spread of noise and improve the mute effect in the car.
Surface covering design: Tufted flat blankets usually adopt a multi-layer structure design, and the surface is covered with a layer of tufted fabric. This fabric not only has a soft and comfortable touch, but also can effectively insulate and reduce the impact of noise on the interior environment of the car.
Sealing design: The edge of the flat blanket adopts a sealing design, which can effectively prevent noise from penetrating into the car through the gaps in the floor, further improving the sound insulation effect.
Easy to clean and maintain: Tufted flat blankets are generally easy to clean and maintain and can be cleaned regularly to maintain their soundproofing properties and appearance.
To sum up, the Tufted flat blanket can effectively reduce the noise in the car, improve driving comfort and provide good sound insulation for the vehicle through its high-density tufted structure, high-quality sound insulation materials, surface cladding design, and sealing design.

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